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Spiritual Formation Options


Chapel takes place on Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 am in Greer Auditorium. We take communion together at the beginning of every month and we enjoy guest speakers as well as Central Christian College faculty and staff and enjoy being led in worship by CCC student bands.


HBC or Healthy Biblical Communities are our campus small groups. Sign-ups take place at the beginning of each semester and each group meets at its own time and place and has its own materials. Fellowship and growth take place in small groups that is not possible in other large group settings.


There will be NO Vespers over January Term 2013. Vespers is a student led service that takes place in The Warehouse on Sunday evenings at 7:30 pm. Vespers is led by Student Body Chaplain Caleb Chase who schedules speakers and bands. Vespers meets in the great environment provided by The Warehouse.

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